Pre-Sale Inspection

Home inspections are not just for home buyers. Home sellers can also gain peace of mind by investing in a Pre-Sale Home Inspection service prior to putting their property for sale. The last minute discovery of problems by a potential buyer can lead to time delays, extra expenses and may even cancel the deal all together. The best solution is to have it inspected by a certified and qualified inspector before putting it on the market.


The Benefits of a Pre-sale Home Inspection:

- Reduce your liability with full disclosure.

- Provides your purchasers with peace of mind of the inspection.

- Helps the transaction to go through smoother.

- Helping you to find existing issues and giving you the chance to address them.

- Eliminate last minute surprises or negotiations.

- Protect yourself from over estimated costs by the buyers.

- We re-inspect the items that you wished to repair.


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