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Energy Audit Inspection

An Energy Audit in a building is often the first step towards making a home more energy efficient. It can identify the factors that contribute to the waste of energy and help you with making your home more comfortable to you and your family by providing a list of what measures needs to be taken to improve efficiency.

The objective of an energy audit is to make recommendations that will likely improve the performance of the structure while lowering energy consumption.

The Energy Audit Inspection process will take about 2 hours using a “Blower door” and Infra-red camera. These two instruments will help to find the level of air-tightness of the building. Many other items will also be checked such as: Doors, Windows, Heating & Cooling system, Vents, Ducts, etc.

After the inspection, you will receive a detailed report which includes all the findings with pictures and recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your building.


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